Are you in the Memphis area? Got younguns who’d like to learn to skate?  Got younguns who’d like to win a Hubris book or some stickers for being in a competition? Day after tomorrow is the first of the Clinic & Competition things at the Tobey SkatePark on Avery road behind the School  Board Building, and right next to the dog park!  Come on out, assuming there’s no rain.  Ignore the cold, because if you skate around at all, you’ll be toasty warm!  And there’ll be donuts and stuff.  Come early and skate around a bit!

The other day, a friend of mine (Hey, Bruce!) said that he didn’t bring his kids to the skatepark because he didn’t know anything to teach them.  I told him he had it backward. I learned from my kids!  The stuff I thought I knew from skating plastic K-mart skateboards does NOT apply.

Anyhow, I doubt anyone will mind if there’s a Mom or Dad ‘helping’ with the classes for the little folks- while really the Mom or Dad is trying to learn to skate.

Come on out!