My son caught this horrible photo of me.  It’s horrible for a few reasons.  #1- the skatepark was not officially open, though there was some discussion as to why the lock was off the gate and the ‘no trespassing’ signs were all removed.  #2- I’m horsing around on a longboard instead of a shortboard… it’s the wrong tool for the job, but I love my Dregs longboard.  I do.  #3- I’m not wearing a helmet.  It may look a little like I am, but that’s just my head.  Ick.  Anyhow, I set a bad example for my kids (who WERE wearing theirs) and for the cub scouts I’m den leader for.  Bad Daddy, Bad!

I landed on my feet, though.

I carved a neat looking Dinosaur-skull helmet out of a block of closed-cell foam.  Anyone here know how to do fiberglass?