Jeff Outdoors says:


Yesterday we had the first snow fall of the year.

I got the Bronco plow-truck out and none of the electrics worked on the plow.  The standard “kick it really hard” method didn’t work, so with the sun setting, I loaded the kids up and drove them to Charlie-The-Snow-Plow-Guy’s Shop.

Charlie’s shop is a large garage full of trucks, snow plow bits, tools, trash, and racks upon racks of metal, rubber, and plastic junk.  All of it is covered in a layer of welding residue and dust (including the very old dog, Jake).

Charlie’s son, who is a pair of legs sticking out from under a Chevy 2500, also works in the shop.

While Charlie ran a full diagnostic, the legs twisted or slid around occasionally, and I heard a muffled exclamation float up from the engine compartment of the Chevy.  Charlie and his son work around the clock when the first snow hits, because that’s when people like me get in their plow trucks and find out they don’t work.

So, by 6PM, Charlie found the blown-out relay switch on my Bronco.  Ford stopped using these relays back in the mid 80’s, but Charlie had a box of them (under an unusually thick layer of welding residue and dust) and had me out and plowing in no time.

For all his time and skill, Charlie hit me with the bill…. $30.  I now understand why Charlie can’t afford to have someone clean his shop.


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