So I went back to Kenosha this year for the Kenosha Festival Of Cartooning!

I won’t try to write up all the excellent coolness that goes on in Kenosha during that fest.  I will, instead, send you off to Mike Peterson’s ‘Comic Strip Of The Day’ blog (CLICK HERE), so you can get a complete sense of the whole thing. Mike does a man’s work on his blog, and Hubris has been on there- you guys remember?

Kenosha (the Fest, of course, and the town as well) is wonderful.  And things like it should happen in a lot of cities around the country (and the world)  If you’re lucky enough to have such a thing in your city (Not many do.  There’s TOONFEST of course… and… well…), you have my admiration and envy.  If not, try to make it next year, willya?

Kenosha MTF02