Some of the people that find their way to Hubris do so by typing some pretty strange stuff into Google.  Google analytics is the sort of thing that newspapers WISH they had twenty and more years ago.

Anyhow- I can look over the sorts of things people have searched in Google to find their way here.

“Adventure Porn” is one such.  A surprising number of people (to me, anyhow.  One day, I hope to be jaded and have so many loyal readers that numbers roll past me like the Gauley river- thunderous and explosive.) have found Hubris by searching for ‘Adventure Porn’.  Is this some new euphemism for outdoor entertainment so thrilling as to get a cute nickname?  Or is this actually a bunch of people googling and oogling photos of people doin’ it on the tops of mountains or in desert caves, where only the bats and the film crew are there to see the secret goings-on?  Eeew.

Some other alarming things that I found people had searched for to make their way to Hubris:

•Scat Comics. and Comic Scat.

•Archaeology cartoons.

•Bawdy cartoons.

•Mom galore comix.

•Triathlon comics.

•‘bicycles with no handlebars, just paddles seen on tv’.

•atc belay funny.

•are there bmx comics.

•brwn trousers cartoon

•caving comics

•“cartoon razor pro scooter side view”

•clif comics

•coleman mini display tent

•‘dirty picture in Memphis tn”

•monkey butt scout camp.

•Porn adventure comics

•“Open mouth (some Cyrillic letters)”

•“porn hubis”

•Tibia comics

•“What wild animals eat berries and leave larger scat?”

Okay, so being the person I am, I hope that these searches are like the crazy ones I occasionally do for reference material.  I do a weekly illustration for a local paper that’s based on the more insane comments they receive online, so my Google history makes me look like the fringiest of fringey freaks- I hope our government overlords, or at least the dark-adapted minions that are sifting through everyone’s emails and google results, don’t think too badly of me.  I should probably go out in the yard and make friendly gestures to the satellites passing overhead, or at least go to the window and try to look harmless to any official looking cars going by.  On the other hand, no.  No, I shouldn’t do those things.  No.

Don’t worry so much about your own Google history, though.  And for heaven’s sake, don’t google ‘adventure porn’, at least not in Google Images, ’cause I did, and it’s not pretty. Or at least it’s not pretty in the same way that it’s not ‘adventure’ the way I think of it.  Let’s just say that the word ‘porn’ takes some sort of digital preference over the word ‘adventure’ even though they went into the search engine in the other order. But mingled in with the alarming stuff is just enough of the kind of thing that might bring someone to Hubris- there IS the cute euphemism form of the word that means ‘stuff that gets hardcore paddlers all hot and sweaty’.  See how the language betrays us there?  Lots of words that go with ‘adventure’ and at the same time can be used in the ‘porn’ arena.

So, I don’t know what the heck anyone was hunting for when they typed in Adventure Porn, but here are some of the photos of the type that work for me:


And because of that search, I found a neat blog that’s got some adventure porn (and no porn porn that I saw):

So here’s to us!  Co-opting the word ‘porn’ for a greater purpose.  Would it be funny if,  in a generation, people were openly talking about Adventure Porn, and if you wanted to talk about dirty movies, you had to be so specific as to call it PornPorn?  Weird.  Let’s try that.