The strength of Crazyball lies in the ability to make anything part of the game.  Somebody’s mask slips and covers their eyes?  Not a problem!  It’s Blind Crazyball inning!  Somebody over-exerts and pukes?  There’s the new “No-Go Zone”.  Easy!  You’ve been playing the game for the first twenty minutes without an actual ball?  Points and Perks given to whoever supplies a ball!  Perfect!

By the way, the list of perks in the last panel?  I was going to write the work as ‘Perq’.  Until, of course, Spellcheck told me that was wrong.  Spellcheck then got the usual cursing out until I looked it up on Google.  Turns out the correct diminutive of ‘Perquisite’ ISN’T ‘Perq’.  Though it should be.  Stupid language.

I’m pretty sure it USED to be ‘Perq’.  And it still should be.