I video’d myself drawing this one- in that stop-motion sorta video, so it only takes, like, 28 seconds to letter and draw the whole thing.  It’s nuts. Anyhow, it’s available to see if you’re a Patron of Hubris at Patreon.  It’ll show up in your email inbox and you can look at it.

Or you could go looking around online, I guess.  It’s out there somewhere.

Anyhow, I penciled really quick because I was afraid the video would be boring if I didn’t move along.  I had fun making all the decisions as I inked instead of working them out more carefully in pencil first.

One of these days, I’ll pencil a whole strip slow and easy and video that for you while I talk about the aforementioned decisions made as I draw.  That’ll be fun.  Patrons will know when it’s ready. It’ll show up in your email.