Some of you might recall that I did some unicycle comment cartoons here on the site a while back.  I think there were a series of three, maybe four of them.  They were an image of Hubris riding a unicycle with an offscreen voice saying something that unicyclists typically hear, such as “What happened to the rest of your bike?” and “Are you a clown?”

The problem, you see, is that when people see something worthy of comment, they tend to comment.  If they haven’t heard what the previous thirty people have commented, they tend  to say the first thing that pops into their heads, which is the same darn thing most of the previous thirty people said.  You see the problem.  After a while, you entertain yourself by having thirty different answers to the one thing everyone accidentally repeats at you.

“The bike shop had a half-off sale.” “I stripped all the useless stuff off the bike and this is what’s left.” “My grandma is riding it about a half-mile back.” “Oh, I can control one wheel, but have you seen those guys who ride two wheels at once? They’re amazing.” and so on.

Today’s cartoon is one of our readers who’s apparently heard the same thing so often that she listed it as her nickname.  Works for me.  Welcome to the comic strip, Nice Hat.