Normally, over at the Patreon page, I talk about the behind-the-scenes stuff about coloring and schedule and tool quirks or whatever, and the commentary I put in here is usually from ‘inside’ the cartoon.

But not today.  Today, I thought I’d mention that I went looking for the last Sue P. cartoon, so I could cadge all the colors off it.  That’s what I usually do- open an older cartoon and copy the colors from it so that things stay at least a LITTLE consistent from one appearance of a character to the next.

Today I grabbed one from a couple of weeks ago or so for Durnell, Mark Troll (feel free to ‘out’ my appropriation of Mark Trail if any of you guys go over there to read that strip.  The commenters there are an angry bunch and they’d probably like the opportunity to see Mark done bad over here.) and Clem Twang (and their judges booth, which I drew from memory and made a mistake on, dang it.  When I finally do the ‘Complete Hubris’ book, I’m gonna have weeks of tweaks to make)   And then I scrolled back through my files to find Sue P.   Turns out, last time she rode through was nearly a year ago.  Eleven months or so?  Except in Cartoon Time.  Then it was, like twenty minutes or less.