Well, it was a perfect storm this weekend, and kept me from getting everything done that needed doing.  There was a rock n’ roll fundraiser for a local anthology comic- where I aided by doing caricatures, a sister-in-law moving back into town, a kid getting ready to go off to college for the first time, and a second caricature gig that needed some supplies attention before I could get there, and the first of the NCS members that I officially oversaw review of was on Facebook, so there was some Membership Chair stuff that had to happen as others wanted to know how to put in an application.

It was a long weekend, I tells ya.

Anyhow, above, you see the poster for the Rock N’ Roll thing.  I’m still pretty pleased with “Corporette, The Prime Amazon”.  That’s funny.

And here, you see the character I illustrated for the Anthology the fundraiser was raising funds for:

posterNinja TONEcolor W

It’s gonna be fun.  The first meeting I went to at the comic shop, Gabe was the only one sitting there with a finished script. One guy with a ready script didn’t sound like a good sign, but I figured if I was there to do the pages, I needed to work with someone who at least hit the deadline.  Gabe wrote Stoned Ninja.  Not my usual kind of thing- no humor.  On the other hand, who knows?  You gotta stretch occasionally.  Anyhow the pages look good.  Now if everyone else finishes theirs, the book will be ready to roll.  I’ll let you know how to get yours.

All of which is to say:  “Sorry!  Hubris didn’t get finished!”