It’s Troy Thursday again.   Are any of you guys web gurus?  I think Troy’s gonna outgrow li’l ol’ Thursdays here, and might need a web guy.

Speaking of Web Guys… John Lotshaw ( isn’t a web guy, but is slumming here at to get the site turned into something a little slicker.  He’s patching up the broken archive links, too, so the next time you go back for a read-through, it might just read through.  Of course, there’s no telling how monkeyed up I’ve made it, so we’ll see.  E’r’body say, “Thanks, John!” …And let us know about broken links (He’s already fixed the big one you guys noticed a while back in the story arc about Hubris’ mom) or other issues you’ve noticed.  Got suggestions about cleaning up the site, or adding something specific?  Now’s the time to point it out.