It’s always bothered me how often in stories that critical plot points are discovered by someone listening at the keyhole.  I mean, even PG Wodehouse recognized it in some of his stories as an old trope.  Back when my wife watched a particular soap opera (which is where I came up with my theory of ‘comic book time’ and why characters do the same crap every five years or so.  “Oh, no, it’s another clone of Spider-Man”) any plot development was sprung upon the principal characters involved while they were standing in a darkened hallway putting their ears around a doorframe while nerve-wrackedly chewing a knuckle. (that’s a very soap opera acting skill- knuckle chewing)

Anyhow- another great soap-opera (and therefore comic book) acting skill is to make sure another person in the area hears what you’re pretending they can’t hear.  That one doesn’t bother me, and I’ve included it here to show off my fine writing skillz.