You know the first time you throw a thing, or lift a thing, or push a thing, or smash at a dead run into a thing while pointing a long pole at it, you can never quiiiiiite know how much “oomph” to put on it.

Gauging Oomph is one of those things that you’ve gotta work at if you wanna be good at it.  You can’t just guess at the amount of Oomph needed and give it a whack.  You have to eyeball it, and heft it, and take a couple of practice swings.  Any Olympic Oompher could tell you that.

If you don’t have the chance to take some practice first, is it best to OverOomph it? UnderOomphing it would be embarrassing, but the other team might still knock your guy into play.  The other team’s never gonna go get your guy after he’s flown off the back end, though, even if sending him off the back end makes you look all burly and stuff.