You guys ever do this new kind of TV watching?  Binge something?  You know, watch a season’s worth of show without the commercials, like it’s a ten hour movie or something?

My wife’s been watching ‘Mindhunter’.  I’ve been catching bits of it, expecting to say, “Ah ha! I remember that, because I read the book years ago!”  But nothing struck that chord.

Then I got a sort of vague sense of the time since I’d read it… and realized I really didn’t remember any of it at all.

So I got it on and I’ve been re-acquainting myself with it.

Aaaaaaand now I won’t be able to sleep, ’cause there are some completely absolutely positively messed up people in the world and some of the worst of them are running around my imagination now.

Thanks, books. [sarcastic tone]