Seems to me that Orc costumes would turn up at conventions more often.

I mean, sure, they play their part in the movie ‘Paul’, but I don’t usually see Orcs in non-movie real-life conventions.

You could do various kinds… the kind that used to be painted by the Hildebrandt brothers for all those Tolkien calendars, or Frazetta type paintings, or the kind from the Rankin-Bass TV shows, or the ones from the Ralph Bakshi Lord Of The Rings movie.  Or you could do the kinds of Orcs that the various toy soldier companies used to make out of lead and sell to all of us who liked to get eyestrain while painting tiny, tiny Orcs.  Or you could do the Peter Jackson movie Orcs if you wanted to.  Any way you choose to do them, Orcs. Man, what a costume.