I used to pick my camping gear with less concern for its size and weight.  I mean, I didn’t want to take one of those mattresses that you hooked up to a fan and blew up, but I camped with people who did.

When you camp out of your car (because, say, the reason for the camping trip was a kayaking trip or a cub scout outing) you can bring coolers and water and food and all kinds of things.  I had read various articles in #OutsideMagazine and I’d read “A Walk In The Woods” by Bill Bryson, so I knew people who backpacked were more efficient than all that.

Now, I’m starting to backpack more often.

I have my old Kelty 20 degree bags that are roomy and can be zipped together for when my wife camps with me… but now I own the sort of bag that the woman in this cartoon mentions.  It felt very weird to pick out gear for its size and weight rather than for its roominess and comfort.