People say that it’s a poor carpenter that blames his tools, but good carpenters always have really, really good stuff to work with for a reason.

When I kayaked, there was a lot of helmet talk.  And a lot of boat purchases and comparison.  It was fun.  People were tempted to use non-kayaking helmets that looked cool or seemed better… and then discovered why the helmets were built the way they were.

When I was a kid, we in the neighborhood discovered hockey helmets at the local sports store… or more likely Walmart… and since there was no hockey whatsoever in our area, the helmets went into use for skateboarding by those of us who listened to our parents.  Plus, hockey helmets were WAY cooler looking than skateboard helmets.  Or the motorcycle helmet that one kid wore.  Or the football helmet that another kid wore.

But the caving helmets that me and my buddy Jon had were the best!  Except when used for anything except caving.  Then they sucked.

SO… fancy knight’s armor helmet. Yeah, very cool looking… but you don’t wanna come flying off a bicycle and ring THAT bell, dude.