Well, I’ve seen webcomics that were down for days, and worried when things looked different when the came back online.

And now here we are.

In a routine update, the magnificent James Traynor discovered an incompatibility in a software update and the whole thing went all scatty-boo.

I was out of town, and working through a laptop and iPhone isn’t my cuppa tea.  I don’t remember passwords well, and thing simply look all different on laptops and iPhones.  I dunno.

The main issue has been resolved, but we lost the previous few days of updates.  Which included your comments.  I’m really sorry.  There was some funny back and forth in the comments.


Feel free to go back, in order, and retype everything you wrote previously.  Thanks.

I’ll play catchup on the cartoons nice and quick, then we’re back to new stuff!