Some of you read The Buckets, besides coming here.  Did you know that I work on another regular feature?  I’ve mentioned it before, but here it is again.  It’s MoreOnTV, written by Jay Schiller.  It pokes fun at Media in general, in the categories of Entertainment, Sports, and Politics… and especially where they overlap.

And man, these days, do they ever overlap.

The ultimate expression of MoreOnTV (Moron TV, y’know.) would be to see Maury Povich guest host an episode of Entertainment Tonight about a FOX news flap concerning Bruce Jenner and Monica Lewinsky on Dancing With The “Stars”, going up against, say, Chas Bono and Sarah Palin’s daughter while pregnant with Tiger Woods baby (not sayin’ which one would be pregnant) as a way to promote (or protest) Cuban nationals having out-of-wedlock babies paid for by U.S. health insurance multi-nationals jointly owned by Mitt Romney, Richard Simmons, and… I haven’t worked out how to get Neo-nazis in there, but they would be, wouldn’t they?


I like this one.  It’s true that sex sells.  Our brain stems are very proficient at getting us to look at sexy things and follow them around without us seeming to notice that we’re not getting anything done.  But in this case, Lolo is going to earn a lot of scratch for being an sexy athlete who’s never had sex.  Sounds good.