I may have mentioned before that an editor for one of the sections of the LA Times (Outdoor lifestyle?  Sports?  I can’t recall what his section was now) wanted to run a cartoon in his section just for the kind of reader they suspected they had.

I was eager to show him Hubris, which I was still calling “Because It’s There”, but by no means was I locked into that.  The idea of doing a weekly color cartoon for the LA Times was very exciting.

Mike Ramirez was the guy that put the editor and I in touch.  He was their editorial cartoonist at the time.  If you’re young enough not to know about editorial cartoons in newspapers, I’m sorry.  They were pretty cool.  You’d have liked them. There are still some in the papers now.  Do you know how to get a newspaper?  Ask an older person.  We remember.

Anyhow, I showed them several different styles and concepts, but the concept itself didn’t get farther than a step or two higher up the ladder than the editor.  Bob Sipchen was his name.  I hope he doesn’t mind me mentioning him. We haven’t talked since the cartoon attempt.

So HERE is one of the cartoons I showed.  I thought there was another one I posted already, but no.  Now I know what you’re getting for your Off-Hubris cartoon on Tuesday.

And this is the cartoon I’m showing today: