Kayote says

Okay, two things. One, Five Ten’s Logo. It was okay:

See? Nothing wrong with it. They make shoes. I only knew them because of rock climbing shoes, but turns out they make other kinds.
Anyhow, now they have a better logo:

Is that not great? I’m not even talking about the shiny parts or anything. I’m just talking about the design. That one glyph is both a ‘5’ and a ’10’. Awesome. Good work.

Anyhow, logos aside, They used to make a shoe called a ‘Nemo’. They were good. I had a pair.

I wore them all over the place. I tend to wear stuff into the ground and let it fall apart during use. These things got the soles reglued a few times and about the time I decided they would last another good long while, they gave up the ghost. During a Whitewater Rescue Training Weekend. Rotten time to lose good footgear. I haven’t replaced them with anything I like as much, but that’s another product review.

Bottom line, these were good shoes. It looks like Five Ten doesn’t make the Nemo any more. Too bad for us.

Feel free to comment below and say what wetshoe you like.