I turned down the job of Cubmaster when my oldest kid was in his second or third year of scouts.  So did a guy named Scott.  So the outgoing Cubmaster announced that Scott and I would be Co-Cubmasters together.  And we were.  I think I stayed Scoutmaster for, like seven years, covering ground for my two sons.  I was never good at it, but I think the kids enjoyed their time and most of them went on to be Boy Scouts after being Cubs.

And, of course, when it was WAY past time for me to step down as Cubmaster, I had to strong-arm the situation to get someone else to take over.  A couple of folks stepped in and took up the reins at the last minute.  I think they probably did a better job than I did.  But I bet their cub scouts never got to make a big ol’ indian drum with real rawhide drumhead that was big enough for four or five scouts to play at once, like my scouts did.