Some of you may remember the Sid & Marty Kroft stuff- Saturday morning shows and puppet theatre-style fun.  It appeared to be drug-induced, pretty often, but if you read interviews where that’s brought up, they gleefully admit to being sober and straight when coming up with all that stuff.

But here’s the thing.  We’re coming up on the fiftieth anniversary of The Bugaloos.  Fifty.

I always think of fiftieth anniversaries as being achieved by something worth commemorating.  I don’t want to take anything from Sid and Marty, y’understand… with a little better luck, they’d have been right up there with Jim Henson and Company.

But “Hey, everyone, The Bugaloos are fifty!” -in a couple of years, we can say that.  “Forty Eight” doesn’t have the same impact, but you get the point, right?

The insane crap of the 70s is going to start being venerable.  Oh, my.