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K2 Anti Piste Telemark Skis

I finally got out on my Anti Piste in some Utah powder last month. It took me a while to get used to the bottomless powder (it’s been a while), but after a couple of runs, I was on top and grinning like a fool. I’ve skied them several times these last two weeks here in Washington, and I can say that they perform well in powder and carve well on groomers and untracked snow. The rocker was not much of an adjustment. If you’ve been scared of getting rockered skis, don’t be. I prefer my shorter, skinnier World Piste for narrow chutes, crud, chewed up piste, and hard pack. By the way, I ski these with T2 boots and G3 Targa bindings – no sweat.

– Powder!

– Rocker makes it possible to carve easily on groomers and untracked snow despite the extra length.

– These skis are perfect for your first pair of rockered powder tele skis.

– You buy these skis longer than an unrockered ski. There’s more ski there than you’re used to.

– The rocker tip catches snow unexpectedly when you’re skiing chewed up snow and makes it feel like you’re skiing a huge ski… which, you are!

Bottom Line
Great ski. Nice flex. It’s a powder ski that can groove the groomers when needed. I recommend it. Don’t be fooled by the over-do-it crowd, T2’s are plenty of boot for skiing double blacks on these skis.