The West edge- along the parking lot- there's a serpentine that looks really nice.

The new skatepark is almost done!  

I’ve never watched one being built before.  And the only convenient one to my neighborhood before now was an indoor place in a warehouse district.  It was the sort of thing that was already well mulched down before I got there.  The couches in the front and the skate/bike area in the back had the saggy, grimy, homey feel that you expect from the sort of place where young people do a lot of their growing up.

Now we have this nice new place that’s a little soulless at the moment.  That’s fine. It’ll grow some character in use.  Of course, the local families who were behind its construction and the folks at the dog park next door aren’t looking forward to the time when the character of the place isn’t in the little nicks and stains and cracks, but begins to be in the transgressions visited upon it by aggressive youngsters with no better outlet than defacement.  Hopefully, we can work together as a community to hold off that time for many years.  My kids and I expect to be only one of the families that will doubtless be pitching in to keep it a clean place to come play.

That aside, here’s props for the Zellner folks who apparently oversaw the construction.  Well done!

Zellner's sign, being held by a really attractive rail. That rail will probably see some nice traffic soon.

This is the shallower stuff along the North edge of the park. I imagine I can break a bone here very effectively.

So, we’re told that the last touches are to prep the concrete with finish or stain or something, and put up a sight screen between the skatepark and a dog park that shares the fence.  Nobody wants the dogs to be upset by skaters nor skaters to be frightened by dogs, so screening the fence sounds pretty smart.  The park benches and the sod are brand new, as is the permanent fence circling the park.  It has real gates now, not just gaps for the workmen to use.


So, get your favorite board all tuned up.  The park opens at the end of the month!

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click to enlarge- this is the big bowl on the northeast edge