I had an excuse to plow through some old comic book pages I drew the other day, and ran across this- I drew it during my first year as a freelancer.  December 1991, business got slow over the Christmas holidays and I thought I’d better keep busy.  This had been rolling around in my head for quite a while back then, and I took the time to draw several pages.  The poetry’s not art, and I’m not entirely sure I’m happy with the cute little story- it hinges on a theme used in an Indiana Jones movie at one point, and that just seems stupid, now. But it was useful as a sample of my work at the time.  I took the pages to San Diego Comic Con a year or two later, back when SDCC wasn’t quite the juggernaut it is now. Anyhow, just in case you needed something new to look at in place of Guessing Game pictures (which we’ll come back to) then here you go:

clicking on it might even get you a larger view.