Wow.  In the short time that I flip-flopped the way Hubris cartoons load (because of the GoComics restructure) I’m two weeks ahead of Hubriscomics at Patreon.  It feels very weird.

When Hubris started running at GoComics, I had maybe three months of backlog between here and there.  I whittled it down to three weeks or so by the end.  I’m glad the two didn’t wind up simultaneous.  That would have gone sideways, I’m sure.

Now, this main site is being subsidized by the Patreon site, so the lead time there is growing.  Not something I foresaw when I decided to keep cranking out Hubris for a few more years, to be sure.  Webcomics are odd beasts, but more fun than a barrel full of monkeys… at an OutdoorFest.