See, this is the sort of thing that happens.  I get a sort of pace going, and as things roll along, there’s another idea that pops out of the mix.  Suddenly there’s this gag that needs using, just some dumb little thing.

I needed an extra voice when Hunter’s mom came through the store, so I added a random customer to the strip.  Customer gets drawn up.  Customer gets green hair for no better reason than lots of people have blue or red or purple hair these days.  But a couple of days later, I’m driving through town and I see a lady with short green hair.  I think, “She looks like a Chia Pet.”  And it clicks.  So does the un-named customer whose voice I needed in the old strip.  I think of a way that he can be nicknamed Chia Pete.  And now this character has some kind of life in my head.  This is the sort of thing that happens.

A voice takes on shape and color and attitude.  Now, he’ll probably have to turn up again.  The part of my brain that releases Hubris into the world is getting crowded.