This is Lord Lionel Smythe-Cholera. Old cartoon. I’ll run more of his later. This is the only color cartoon I did of him. He was a backup feature in a Caliber comic book called ‘Batch’ in 1991. This cartoon was a multilayered shadow-box thing I did in 2001.

The idea for this came when my Art & Archaeology of Ancient Egypt teacher, Dr. Ed Bleiberg, was asked by another student to spell, please, the name of ‘Ramose’ who was a pharoah he was telling us about. He wrote it on the board and announced the letters as he wrote… “R. A. M… O. S. E…” Me being the smart aleck I am, and the fact that his voice matched the famous rhythm, I said aloud, “M…O…U…S…EEEEEEE”. Art history classes are NOT usually filled with laughter. That one was, if only for a minute. Jenkins, the right hand man in the cartoon, is a caricature of Ed Bleiberg back in 1985 or so. Hope you’re still out there, Doc!