What with the Charlotte HeroesCon to get ready for, I didn’t get this post ready when I wanted.

It’s a big ol’ THANK YOU to those who’ve used the Tip Jar (also known as the Voluntary Subscription, the Donation Button, the Team Hubris signup) to support Hubriscomics.

It got you guys an extra six strips so far, and one of these days, will get another couple on there, I’m sure.

So, if you enjoyed getting a half-dozen extra Hubris cartoons on more or less random days, then you can thank these nice people:

James T,

Michael D,

Glen S,

***Scott F,

Curtis H,

Pedro C,

Paul Y,

HTH Enterprises,

Eryn B,

Allan’s Computer Services,

Terry G,

James (Doodle) L,

Patrick W,

Bryan H,

Patrick C,

Douglas S.


If I missed your name, or you’re baffled as to why I didn’t put last names, gimme the shout out and I’ll add your name or your surname, as needed.

If you want to know why Scott F got little star/asterisk thingies on there, it’s ’cause he went for the monthly thing.  So he gets stars.