You may have noticed the tinkering I’ve been doing with the background elements.  The art is from the new sticker/Tshirt/poster/skatedeck art I’ve been tinkering with. I had it up like this first:Parody


That didn’t work.  It was eye-popping, so  I swapped it out for this:





That was still messing with folk’s ability to read the comment section, so for those of us who aren’t as computer-savvy as AllanVS, I’ve now swapped it again to this nice monochrome blue.  We’ll test-phase it for a day or two, and then either leave it for a while, or maybe dim it down a bit if it’s still causing legibility issues.  [Edit.  There were, in fact, still legibility issues.  I’ve dimmed it. Let me know what you think.]




And here is the tiny cute sticker I just ordered a pile of:Parody


They’ll be the same vinyl as the original round stickers, so they’re pretty much weatherproof.

If you’ve read this far in what has seemed to be a pretty pointless blog post, I’ll reward you with this-  I’m talking to an agent who I will hopefully be engaging in some capacity soon, and who will hopefully get me to a position where I’m running ’round the country to a few comics conventions next year (some of you might remember that I had hoped to pull that off for this past year, but it turns out that it takes a LOT more planning than I can often put into things)  So we’re looking at what sorts of things tend to go well at conventions, that you guys might like to have.  Stickers, obviously, and the so-called ‘lapel pins’ which have become ‘lanyard pins’ at conventions.  I’m partway through with the cover for the next Hubris book, which will feature the Great Stanky Creek/Snake Oil Outdoorfest, and will (this is the time-consuming part) have some of the stuff that you guys had hoped to see in the website, but that I cut out for various reasons.  If you’d like to make sure that I remember to include your favorite games or characters in the book version, click the ‘contact’ or ’email’ button now and remind me.

‘Poster’ has already come up as a possibility for the new design (Here’s an extra trivia game for you- who knows what company I’m parodying with the new design?) and of course, I’ll have to do shirts.  Maybe hats, but I have two other designs I want to do on hats.  I have a neat idea about the shirts, and I don’t know if it’ll pan out, but I’m checking into it.

There you go- all the news that fit to speculate about.  You guys tell me what you’d like to see me doing- what products, what conventions, whatever… and I’ll tell my (hopefully) new agent, and we’ll see where it goes.

Also, if you’d like some stickers, as always, send me a photo or product review or something.  Or if you’ve already sent me something I’ve used to pad out my Tuesdays or Thursdays (sporadically, lately) then remind me of your address, and I’ll send stickers- even if I’ve already sent some before.  I probably owe you more than stickers, so speak up, I’ll send ’em.  I still have some of the round ones, and some of the larger paper ones, and soon, the new design.