You read?  I assume you do, ’cause you come here and let’s face it, Hubris is high literature.

But seriously…

You like to read words in word balloons, obviously, and here’s a different kind of thing you need to pick up and read.  Cartoonist Derf Backderf (The City) went to high school with Jeffrey Dahmer.  Remember him?  Notoriously grisly serial killer?  Derf used his journalistic and artistic skills to show you the infamous murderer in the days before… JUST before… he became the monster the world saw.

Tantalizing, isn’t it?  Plus, it’s all in cartoon pictures.  Yow.

You can order it HERE.  Don’t read it right before you go to sleep.  Just… don’t.  Especially not the Notes at the end.  It all feels so homelike that your mind hangs onto it while you’re sleeping.  Bad dreams.