Okay, so I’ve got, like, five cartoons written and laid out in pencil. The pace is a little wonky, and that’s gonna take some thinking.
But, see, there’s an old Cartoonist buddy of mine back in town signing his new book and all. He signed my copy a couple of days ago, but he’s got a thing at the local bookstore I like to support, so… Well, long story short, I used up my editing and inking and coloring time on a visit to a bookstore. But I think I’ll have it worked out later today, so until I get the new cartoon finished here’s a photo of Mike Ramirez and li’l Clementine. It’s all his fault.

Also, don’t have the chili at my favorite bookstore. Woofsh. Yow. Vegetarian. Tasted fine, but, y’know… Lots of beans. Yeek.