This is either poop from a very small bear or it's poop from a very large skunk. They both have been seen by me recently and in the same spot. Also, both bears and skunks are eating the same things right now... fruit from the orchards and wild berries. This is dirty, eh?

I put out the call for product reviews and dirty pictures and stuff, and by golly, Jeff Outdoors never disappoints.  Photos just don’t get much filthier than this.  I would like to point out that for many readers, I imagine that  spotting bears and skunks in one’s neighborhood would be a reason to move away.  For Jeff, I think it was a reason to move there.


If you’ve got dirty pictures you’d like to share, by all means, click on the Contact or the Email button and slide it this way.  I’ll shamelessly use it as part of the growing pile of content that this site is becoming.  Now, go outside and play!