Here’s your second extra cartoon this week!  Thanks again to everyone who dropped coin into the tip jar (that’s the ‘You & Hubris’ button in the column down the left hand side of the page).  I’ll mail out thank-yous to those who have told me your snail-mail addresses.  Everybody else, say “Thanks for the extra cartoons” to the folks who clicked and paypalled and all that stuff.

Today’s cartoon might confuse anyone who’s not familiar with rivers that provide Dam Releases for recreational purposes.  The Gauley and The Ocoee are a couple that do this.  The first time I went to the Ocoee, I assumed my chain was being yanked when told that the trickle of water in the riverbed would become a full-blown river “when they turned the water on in the morning”.    Since then, I’ve sat at the put-in of the river with my kayak, and watched the Surge.  It’s very nice.