So I have already shown you photos of a skatedeck I woodburned images into (HERE) and the experiment continues.  The other side of the deck is now burned with Native American/Southwestern sorta stuff that’s a nice contrast to the cowboy/gambler sorta stuff on the topside.

Here are the photos:

Indian-Bear Deck


The next step is to mix up a two part Epoxy Resin and try to clearcoat this thing.  It’s the test run before I go on to finish the next skate deck I have…

I’ll show photos when I have the chance, but the next skatedeck is very different from this one.  So far, it’s matte black all over, with a semi-gloss metalflake black logo for HUBRIS across it.

The paint’s done, and I’ll post photos before I go on to the following step, which is to resin the surface, adding sand to the topside to create a grip surface.  Cross your fingers and wish me luck.  The next step after that is to put black trucks and black wheels onto it.  It’ll be sort of a Batskateboard, I guess.  Or a Black Ops sort of thing… if secret underground government enforcers were to use skateboards, which they might, if some of the younger conspiracy theorists are allowed to speculate freely.