So, there I was, minding my own business, when I’m invited by my kid’s CLUE teacher from a couple of years back to come to the school where she’s teaching now.

And… get this… talk to the CLUE class about Cartooning.

Mind you, these are the smart kids, so heaven only knows why they’d want to know about expressing themselves through illustration…

So, I went, and handed out some handy, if slightly dated, handouts about how many different kinds of cartoonists there are… you can tell the age of the handout because it says something dumb like “CD/DVD covers” instead of “Podcast graphics”

And after I filled the kids with all the cartooning knowledge they could ever need (assuming they’ll ever need any) I left.  Which gave Ms. Coates the opportunity to force the poor youngsters to draw EDITORIAL CARTOONS!  Yes, the most despised kind of cartooning in repressive societies everywhere.  The kinds of cartoons that regularly get Egyptian and Syrian cartoonists jailed and their families threatened.

Can you believe what freedom-loving hooey they let teachers pass on to our treasured offspring?  Man, we better hope there’s no reactionary, ego-driven, heavy-handed regime takes root here or those kids are in for it.

Anyhow, here’s some photos!

CLUE cartoonists