Go Outside and… Sit.

The alternative title is, “Does a Bear Sit in the Woods?”. Not sure about bears, but I do.

Friday was Take Your Child to Work Day, and since I’m a school teacher, my child is at my work every day. So on Saturday, I invented Make Your Child Work Today and taught him how to use a chainsaw.

The day was successful as evidenced by the fact that my boy still has all his appendages and there will be no visible scarring.

We also got a couple of trees bucked up and stacked.

And then there were the stumps. You can’t just leave the stump, and cutting them off at the ground level is just plain boring. So, I started to make the traditional Pacific Northwest mushroom stump, but Jay yelled out, “Make a chair!”


And so I did.
Then we decided the chair needed an end table on which to place a beverage.
And so I did that too.
And then I went and got a beverage.
And I sat. And that is that.