What is it about wagon rides?  Yes, I know what you’re all thinking- about that famous old comic strip that was the hit of the funny pages all those years ago.  The protagonist of the comic strip, perched with his goofy buddy on top of a rattling wagon plowing downhill, all the while discussing some counterpoint- something totally unrelated with the reckless wagon ride that inevitably ended in a crash in the last panel.  Oh, I know we all miss those old comic strips.  ‘Skippy’ was QUITE the feature, what with the record sales of sheet music and the movie version of the comic strip, and all the paper dolls and toys and endorsed products. I know I still insist on ‘Skippy’ peanut butter, even if the manufacturers are in dispute over the licensing contract with the owners of the old ‘Skippy’ comic strip name they purchased back in the depression.    If I were around back then, I know I would have wanted to take one of Skippy’s mad downhill rides to ruin.  Just like Hubris does nowadays.

Gosh, I bet other cartoonists have done wagon rides with their characters, too.