The best laid plans of mice and men go oft astray…

Not that this was a plan, best laid or not.

Early days of the comic strip, I thought I’d do a lot of cartoons like today’s.  Every so often, Hubris and Kara would find themselves out late on a hilltop and either spell out the latest storyline for the sake of keeping everyone updated when necessary, or they’d say something clever or thought provoking or philosophical.

There were, I think, three or four of these cartoons in the later syndicate packages. (which became the early strips here on the website)  And then I returned the kids to the hilltop once or twice more since then.  I think the last time was just after the police officer scattered himself badly on Hubris’ longboard.

Why I haven’t returned them to the hilltop in a while is a mystery to me, but Hubris needed a little time for quiet reflection today, so there he goes.  And thus ends another comic strip “day”, which might actually be a week, or not, and still takes weeks to tell anyhow.

“Time”, as Douglas Adams or Doctor Who (I can’t remember which) said, “is Bunk.”