Mud treatments.  They crop up.  People have put mud on their skin for a long time for a lot of reasons.

Of course, I’m talking about movies and TV.  I Love Lucy.  There was a mud pack gag there, right?  And Arnold Schwarzenegger.  He used mud to disguise his body heat from The Predator.  In The Rabbit Of Seville, Bugs puts concrete on Elmer’s face in place of a mud treatment.  In Lonesome Dove, Janey puts mud on Roscoe’s wasp stings.  Yes, Mud for all reasons and for all seasons.  Mud.

Feel free to fill the comment section with your own knowledge of mud poultices and mud pies.  It’ll distract you from the fact that I filled this space with random gabble because I couldn’t think of anything interesting to say today.