In Boston a couple of years ago, The National Cartoonist Society had their big annual meeting, and part of that was John Read’s Cartoon Art Collection Show ‘One Fine Sunday in the Funny Pages’.  That’s a show of original comic strip art from a single Sunday, featuring old-school newspaper comic strips you may have seen in your local paper, depending on which cartoons your local paper runs.  Very fun, and John was nice enough to ask me for a Buckets cartoon (Hubris isn’t in the newspapers, you know.  Feel free to contact your local paper and explain what they’re missing.  They’re  always so happy to hear from readers these days.) and along with the actual showing of the show, and since there were a pantload of cartoonists right there anyhow, a lot of us were asked to go and sign autographs.  There were special posters that the first however many people who came could have for free, just for autographs.  It was very nice.

And then things got entertaining.  This young lady thought “Why am I bothering with getting things like PAPER signed?  Paper, after all, is so old school.  I shall get my autographs on me.  And she did.

I was using a skinny sharpie.  There’s a doodle of Eddie Bucket on her forearm closest her elbow.  Yay!