Okay, the other day, I posted a Hubris cartoon where Hubris asks Kara if she has a Game Cam set up to monitor for gooses walking across her grave.

For anyone not familiar with these wonderful devices, excellent for monitoring animal movements in prospective hunting areas, or for capturing images of thieves in your backyard, or just for supplying your favorite website with new content, here are some photos from some Game Cams.  See if you can spot the creatures and correctly identify them:


Got it?  Let’s see how you did:


Image #1-  Deer.  Yes, you did very well! These are deer, often recorded on Game Cameras.

Image #2- Squirrel.  Well done!  What you didn’t realize is that the squirrel is standing amongst the branch he dropped on the Game Cam a mere hour after it was set up.  He eventually succeeded in breaking the camera loose and then pawning it in the nearest town.

Image #3-  Giant Patagonian Pillbug.  This was quite a surprising thing to find photographed, as they were thought to be extinct nearly 40 million years ago.  Who knew Game Cams could advance science so easily? Nobel Prize in Zoology!

Image #4- Wukilar.  Ha ha.  We tricked you. Without any identifiable background elements, it’s impossible to tell that the creature in this alarming photo stands over six feet tall. Otherwise, you’d have known it in a second.

Image #5- Infant Sasquatch.  Yes, it DOES look a little like a black squirrel, or maybe even a skunk, but think about it.  If there are adult Sasquatch, then there MUST be infants, and here you are- we assume that the tail falls off at puberty.

Image #6- Gray Alien.  You can tell from the spindly legs and oddly organized body that this thing wasn’t evolved for Earth Gravity.  The Grays are known to be masters of disguise, too, Not growing antlers prevents them from being hunted, and so the Grays can move among the trees, monitoring hunters for any that look inebriated enough for probing.  They’re obviously far advanced over our civilization, you can tell from this photo.

Image #7- Right!  Loch Ness Monster.  You see from the way the water is moving around it’s neck that the creature must be about fifty feet in length.  This is one of the finest photos of Nessie ever.  Imagine our pride to know that this was taken in Mississippi, thus bringing the Glory of definitive proof of Nessie to the U.S. of A.  Maybe now the Scots will invest in some better cameras.

Image #8- Deer.  TWO of ’em!  Cool, huh?
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