This is John. What sport shall he compete in? Hmmm.

It’s nearly time for the teams to start showing up for the ‘Fest.  

You want to be on one of them?

You can tell I’ve been meandering toward the crux of the storyline, right?  I didn’t want to rush at things and clog the pace with a lot of new characters all at once and lunge at the silly events as if we had to blur through the Outdoorfest to get onto another storyline.  Hopefully, the pace has allowed you to enjoy the new folks and the one-off gags without forgetting that we’re building up to the Outdoorfest.

Now, we’re building toward the time when the teams show up to compete. There’s going to be a lot of rapid-fire gags with different team members getting into all kinds of weird events.  It should be fun, but why should I design a lot of random individual faces and forms?  I went ahead and made up the characters for Kara’s team, but the people in the team called ‘The Tribe’ will be folks I kayak with.  There’s lots of teams to populate, and  you should be on one, right?

So.  Send me a photo.  Tell me your name.  Tell me what kind of thing you might compete in- bicycle, kayak, unicycle, hackeysack, funnel cake eating, rock climbing, running, swimming, dodgeball, skateboard, inline skate, BMX, interpretive dance, Duct tape regatta, you name it, I’ll try to work it in.  So there you go.  Click on the Contact or Email button on the homepage and join us on the Field Of Baffle Battle!