In anther post, I mentioned a Popeye diptych I painted.  At the time, I would have sworn that I’d already featured it here somewhere, but apparently not.  So here it is, a lovely matching set of Popeye/Olive Oyl paintings.  They’re distressed and aged up a bit.  I’m usually asked “Where did you find those” and I gleefully get to say, “I painted them.”  People are kind enough to point out that they look as though they’re from the twenties or thirties, and I’m very pleased.  That is, after all, the look I was going for.

I apologize for the lack of photographic quality- there’s an unfortunate shine on the art that I couldn’t get rid of and I’m too lazy to go take another photo at the moment.  When the Alley Oop is ready, maybe I can photo everything together… get an idea of how they look as a related set of items.