Okay, here it is.

Last time, I let people just email me whatever.  I thought I could keep track of everyone’s photo, and name, and sport, and all… And I couldn’t.  It got weird.

This time, I will make a file full of forms.  The form above, in fact.  Heck, I might print ’em out and keep them on my drawing table for quick reference.

It’s up to you to figure out how to download the image, or screenshot it, or whatever you want to do- size it up to 200 dpi or so, then fill it out legibly, and add a GOOD photo to it, and flatten that sucker.  All one single file.  Just a simple JPG with decent resolution, but you gotta put it all in one place for me, and then you gotta send it to me.  In return for this (probably) tricky delving into the harsh intricacies of photo-manipulation, I will add you into the Second Great Stanky Creek Outdoorfest.

There you go.  Challenge laid down.


P.S. an example of a bad photo is any photo that has you and another person in it.  To fit in more than one person, the photographer is too far away to get a clear shot of your mug.  Anyhow, it’s the Age Of Selfies.  I should no longer have to try to do caricatures based on photos where there’s a sticky note that reads “He’s the third one from the left and his hair doesn’t really look like that. Plus I think this picture was taken in 1989.”