Oh, my God.  Can you believe it’s Thursday again?

Last Thursday, I finished setting up nearly a hundred art files just the way I needed them in order to lay in base colors.  They’re for the big project I’ve mentioned is paying the bills just now.  Anyhow, by late Thursday, I finally started dropping in colors.  There are sixteen scenarios in two training modules.  Most scenarios have five or six drawings, but a few have only three and some have ten. One has sixteen.  I had, as with every step in the process, high hopes that it’ll skip along pretty quick.  And after all, the color’s not the time consuming part, right?  I’d hoped to get through, I dunno, five scenarios a day?  That’d be nice!  I could be done in just over three long days and have plenty of time to prep the files to submit to the client before moving on to the next phase of the project.  Maybe have time to work out.  Walk the dog. Bathe. Draw Hubris.

Ha. I was brain damaged by the end of Thursday.  I laid color into one of the easy modules.  Okay, five a day, after this, might work. We’ll see.

On Friday, I started with that one scenario that had sixteen images.  It had the most elaborate backgrounds, too, with specific colors for things.  On Friday, that was the only one I finished.  One.  On a day when I’d hoped to do FIVE.  So.  Problem.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, I didn’t do much else besides those modules and whatever Hubris cartoons you guys saw.  That was it.  Eighteen hour days, and come Wednesday morning, I still had the last two scenarios to color.  And the brain damage. No making meals, no exercise, no walking the dog… nothin’.  I drank a LOT of mountain dew.  Does that count for anything?  The kidney stones will probably count.  Saturday, I worried all day that I was forming another blood clot. Couldn’t tell anyone.  I lost the power of speech somewhere in there.

I’m writing this on Wednesday.  Just after lunch, in a rotten state, I finally finished packing up all the scenarios as PDFs and I sent them to the client.  Then I walked the dog and me to the park.  Nice park.  I missed the park. There were leaves on the trees the last time I was in that park.  I’ve listened to over a hundred hours of audiobooks and podcasts since I’ve seen that park.

The final leg of the big project is due in a little over a week from now.  Cross your fingers.  I think I can get back on my Hubris schedule and do the project, too.  Then I’ve got another Con to do.

Then, if you don’t hear from me for a while, it’s ’cause I’ve ridden a bike into the trees of some large-ish forest and might not come out for a few dozen hours.