For anyone who has stumbled across Hubris lately (feel free to do the StumbleUpon thing there to the right of your screen) I wanted to point out that Hubris usually isn’t Black & White.  We’re doing nostalgia time just now.  The color returns soon.  Just like in The Wizard Of Oz or something.

Early on, y’see, around the ancient year 2000, I was told that at least one syndicate was looking for an outdoor sports comic strip.  I was told this because a syndicated cartoonist saw my suburban covered in stickers and filled with bicycles and skateboards, and with kayaks strapped atop.

Turns out he was only partially informed.  ‘Outdoor sports’ to many people means huntin’ and fishin’ and that’s what the syndicate apparently had in mind.  Oops.

Anyhow, I poured a lot of time and attention into ‘Because It’s There’ and got, as has been stated before, onto Tribune Media’s ‘Here’s the New Guys-whattaya think’ website, and got some little editorial attention from one syndicate.  Amy Lago, bless her, gave me a lot of advice about it.  I eventually had to put more of my time into earning my living (advertising cartoons and the art for a syndicated strip called The Buckets, y’see) that I had to shelve ‘Because It’s There’.

With the advent and subsequent boom of Webcomics, I thought I might try Hubris out online.  Then I put that off for years.

Now we’ve been here for a year, and you’re reading this.  Pretty cool.  Thanks very much for being here!

Now, if it suits you- please slip over to the right hand side of the screen to VoteHubris, do all that Google+ and twitter to your followers about Hubris and any other social media stuff you can think of.

And if you think it’s time for me to print Hubris Helmet stickers or anything, let me know.  There’s comment sections under every article, and there’s an email button and a Contact button somewhere.

Hell, just troll around the site and see what you like. Bound to be something.