I have (after much dawdling) designed, ordered, paid for and received a batch of Hubris helmet stickers.  I’ve already put two on my truck to see how they handle the outdoors and muck and sunshine and rain and filth. All the bikes and skateboards get ’em next.

I owe a great many to Jeff Outdoors and some to Won for having written lavishly nice product reviews for this site.  (If you haven’t bothered to look at the ‘Talk About Toys’ section of the site, shame on you.  You’re missing out on some extra humor and some good insight about outdoors stuff, plus coconut bras and testicle fires.)

I’m not saying a few stickers are good compensation for spending your time writing reviews about your outdoor stuff.  I’m not even saying that giving said stickers to your buddies will make you popular or even treated better than you are at the moment.

All’s I’m saying is that if you’re kind enough to write Hubris a usable product review about whatever toys you play with outdoors, I’ll happily mail you five or six stickers to slap on helmets or skate decks or bikes or snowmobiles… anything you own (meaning please don’t slap ’em on skateparks or bike racks that you didn’t pay for… c’mon, we all gotta play nice or the stuff we play on goes away and the grownups scowl at us for not being responsible for ourselfs.)