Were you sick and tired of Black & White comics?  Me, too.  This is still one of the old original strips that I’ve trotted out, but I colorized it for us.

I like the humor, but I’ve been told it might be too oblique.  I don’t recall why I chose to show a mountainside in each panel- maybe to show that they were stalled out and give the feeling that they needed to get moving.  Maybe I was trying to blast through a lot of ideas and this one lent itself to a static image better than others.  Maybe I was trying to give an impression of isolation on a rock face.

Or maybe it’s what you’re thinking and I was too young and impatient to do something with exciting visuals.  I do remember back then being shocked at how much time and effort went into the communicative elements of every… single… panel.  I was probably grateful to just draw one and then cut and paste (real cutting and real pasting… with paste) the next two.